Precision Machinist

Position Title Precision Machinist
Title of Supervisor Superintendent – PMF & Manufacturing Engineering
Title of next level Supervisor Sr Manager – PWW Operations
Location Precision Machining Facility
Shift 15 Shifts

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
 Setting and operation of:
– CNC deep hole borers
– CNC Lathes working from 1metre to 10metre lengths
– 3 point Horizontal Straightening press
– Other ancillary support equipment
 In process inspection
 Swarf removal
 Material movement i.e. Crane and Pedestrian Pallet Lifter

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities
 Involvement in improvement activities
– Problem solving reports
– Method improvement
– Efficiency data collection
– Set up reductions
 Toolroom activities
 Active participation in team meetings
 Maintaining high housekeeping standards
 Training other team members
 Operator machine maintenance i.e. pre start checks, lubrication, clean down etc.

Skills, Experience & Qualification

Desirable Requirements:
 A relevant vocational qualification e.g. NVQ, HNC, HND, ONC, C&G or an appropriate apprenticeship. Employees without these qualifications but who can demonstrate relevant industrial knowledge and experience will be considered.
Demonstrable Experience of:
 Machining difficult to machine alloys
 Development/Improvement activities
 CNC controls
 Application of training
 Positive attitude to safety & quality
Qualities & Attributes
 Willingness to work as a team & share knowledge
 Acceptance of accountability and responsibility
 Personal discipline to apply the requirements and accepted standards
 Willingness to use data to help make decisions
 Pride in the workplace
 Exemplary level of timekeeping and attendance